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Welcome to Project "Mushbot"
The First Georgian-American Agri-Robot Mushroom Harvester
First in Georgian history - Company Algorithm with partners participate in World Agri-Exhibition Word AG Expo in International Agri Center in California. You can see our Mushroom Harvester Robot In Action.
Booth No.:3530 Date:14th-16th February 2023 Exibition Map
We introduce a multi-functional mushroom harvesting machine for aluminum shelving farms. The machine helps farmers to harvest and grow the yield of their crop by using cutting-edge AI technology. AI and smart software allows us to have the advantage to see and harvest “as humans” – but for better, faster, and longer hours. With the invention on board, mushroom harvesting is more accurate, more consistent, more analyzed, and picked at superhuman speeds. Software can look at different phenological stages, as well as measure and count mushroom size, and volume (can choose specific size only or in a predefined range) to give actionable insights and information to predictive yield estimates & harvests for mushrooms throughout the growing season. When operating as a “digital implement” in-field autonomy for automatic real-time harvesting the farm goes on a digital level. The current machine version has capabilities:
  • Grow yield.
  • Harvest automatically
  • Reduce human workforce
  • Increase working hours from 8 to 22 per day
  • Collect only specific size
  • Keep tracking on current yield
  • Cheep maintenance
  • Go green automation
  • The following will describe each segment deeply and individually with approaches and technologies used to achieve desired results.

    Grow Yield is a very important part of the project. Research showed mushroom growth speed and times. In the beginning, some of them start growing at random speeds and sizes. Generally, mushrooms that start growing early do grow oversized before the average size reaches a good enough diameter to start harvesting off the shelf. During the process mushrooms that start early grow or the ones starting late get collected too, this becomes the reason for losing the yield. The Machine was designed and built with artificial intelligence and an advanced depth-measuring camera, combination of these two powerful innovations give machines the possibility to scan grown mushrooms, identify the proper size and harvest only specific diameter heads. To scan and collect early-stage mushrooms on an 18m shield takes around 20 minutes. The 20 minutes of scanned data are kept and processed to let the operator know what time will be optimal to run on the shield next time.

    Harvesting automatically is one of the biggest achievements of the project. Powerful cameras and smart software are identifying the size of the mushroom farmer want to collect. The location is passed to precise actuators to move the gripper on top of the mushroom. A controlled vacuum suction cup grabs the head of the mushroom gently. The process repeats the human harvesting method, the head is tilted at 45 degrees, and later twisted the whole mushroom to properly remove the stem from the ground. The picked mushroom is taken for stem cutting. Two counter-rotating sharp blades are cutting the stem clean. The machine puts the clean head in the box and the stem is slid into the stem box.

    The workforce is reduced to the quantity relative to machines running. 1 person is able to operate 3 machines. The Operator's job is to replace boxes and keep the machines going on the proper shelf.

    Increasing working hours from 8 hours to 22 is possible since the machine doesn't get tired and can operate 24 on 7. Microprocessors, cameras, sensors, and motors are balanced and chilled well enough to support continuous machine operation. Moisture resistive control board keeps parts safe and in balance for long-running.

    Collecting only specific sizes gives the farm only specific calibers of the mushrooms. Smart image processing software identifies only the size or range the operator would configure.

    Keeping track of the current yield machine to know which segment of the shelf needs to be harvested at a specific time. Smart software collects, keeps, and processes data to calculate the location based on size and growing speed ratio.

    Cheap maintenance - parts that are damaged over time are easy and cheap to replace. Specific food-compatible materials were chosen for the machine to operate. Belts, cables, suction heads, and inline filters are basic parts considered to be changed periodically.

    Materials used in machines are industrial food compatible, chosen specially for the greenhouses.

    The mushroom harvesting machine is in the technical laboratory located in the USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Washington ave. For testing purposes, we're looking for the farm. All the logistics and related topics will be provided by our team members. All it is needed is a couple of meters of one shelf for calibration and adjustments to feet on your farm. In exchange, we could offer discounts in the future on individual products and services. If the offer sounds interesting, please let us know. We're happy to present the machine and answer all your questions in advance if interested. In the attachment can be found our tests performed in laboratory conditions such as identification, measurement, locating, picking, twisting, pulling up, tacking for further processing, and so on.
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